How’s your content performing? Content Matters 2022 Report
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Content Analytics & Optimization

Build a better, smarter content strategy. Measure and optimize the impact of your content from first touch to last touch and everything in between—without needing a dedicated data analyst by your side.

Content analytics

Measure page performance and customer engagement through data visualizations. Understand time on page, organic search traffic, referrers, views by country, traffic by author, and onward clicks. Gather insights into traffic patterns and content performance over time.

Traffic source analytics

Display referrer traffic types, filter, and visualize campaigns for easy source identification. Display statistics on each asset by source.

Conversion attribution

Deliver your content strategy confidently by understanding what pages inspired visitors to take business-critical actions, like becoming a lead or making a purchase.

Data pipeline for business intelligence

Produce custom analyses atop large granular, enriched content data. Get a broad view of business impact by tying content to data from your helpdesk, CRM, or marketing automation tool, in your favorite business intelligence platform.

Smart tags

Reduce tag maintenance in your CMS. Use natural language processing services to scan, assess, and automatically categorize pages.

Audience segmentation

Source audience segment intelligence with flexible filters and customizable logic. Capture insights on geographical location or visitor type.

Alerting and reporting

Get email, Slack, and browser alerts when posts receive significantly more traffic than usual. Schedule recurring content performance reports for your C-suite or team.

“Slate has relied on the recommendations API to grow time-on-site and reader loyalty through several iterations of our site.”

David Stern, VP of Product and Business Development, Slate
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Use our recommendation engine to scan and analyze all your content to display engaging, contextual posts for visitors.


Engage customers with personalized experiences across all channels.

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“Effective storytelling can’t happen without valuing and understanding your audience.”

Jacqueline Parisi, HelloFresh

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